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Inspiring a Trust-based, Work-Driven Culture

timegram is all about making employees feel at ease, be in control, and stay focused on work while ensuring managers get clear performance insights to plan their next moves.

No Real-Time Monitoring

Employees have full control over logging time & activity whenever they want, enabling them to share a true version of actual work done without ever thinking about cheating the software.

Only Productive Insights - No BS

Since employees exclusively log productive data, time and activity reports become super accurate, giving managers complete visibility into how each team member is contributing to the outcomes.

Highlights App -  the Beating Heart of timegram

Highlights App -  the Beating Heart of timegram

It is a lightweight desktop app that automatically captures time & activity on all desktop and online applications and puts them into smartly organized groups called Highlights.

  • Highlights App runs silently in the background, capturing all the activity & time spent during the work hours
  • The captured Highlights are available in timegram’s web app for employees to see their daily work, which is 200% private to them
  • The super easy select-and-log mechanism allows quickly logging Highlights to their respective tasks

At the day’s end, employees only show their best work to managers while leaving all the unproductive data unlogged and private.

Get Uninterrupted Transparency into Productivity and Performance

Get Uninterrupted Transparency into Productivity and Performance

On the flip side, managers get a full-fledged command center with everything needed to assign work, manage projects, and see performance with ease.

  • See a snapshot of your team’s weekly status, both time- and work-wise, on a visual, intuitive dashboard.
  • Create projects, add tasks, and assign work to team members so that employees can log time for each task.
  • Add estimated time to measure against actual time spent on tasks to build realistic timelines for future projects.
  • Get consolidated views of your team’s performance in beautiful, information-packed reports.
  • Automatically convert billable hours into PDF invoices with just a few clicks.

At the day’s end, managers get a clear view of employees’ performance without resorting to any harsh monitoring or surveillance tactics.

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Our Privacy-First Promise

We believe trust is the foundation of a productive, results-driven team. That’s why we preach the privacy-first approach and strictly follow a zero-surveillance policy giving employees the privacy they deserve. That means no screenshots, keystroke tracking, no webcam captures, microphone monitoring, or any other spying tactics.

timegram very well makes up for the lack of invasive employee monitoring with its smart time tracking capabilities.

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