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Highlights App - the Beating
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timegram captures your team's workday using the Highlights App – a lightweight desktop app that takes care of timesheet admin for you.

Automatically track
daily time & activity
across all desktop &
online apps.

Quickly log Highlights to
with a super easy
select and log mechanism
in less than 5 minutes.

Get complete privacy
as Highlights available in
timegram’s web app are
200% private to users.

Uninterrupted Visibility into
Performance for Better Estimations

timegram gives managers and team leads accurate performance insights to create precise estimates for future projects based on the logged time & activity data.

Effortlessly oversee work
assignments, project
management, and
performance insights all
in one centralized
command hub.

Forecast budgets and
by comparing
against actual time
spent, paving the way
for realistic estimates
for future projects.

Gain consolidated
into your team's
performance through
visual, information-
packed reports.

Our Privacy-First Promise

We believe trust is the foundation of a productive, results-driven team. That’s why we preach the privacy-first approach and strictly follow a zero-surveillance policy giving employees the privacy they deserve. That means no screenshots, keystroke tracking, no webcam captures, microphone monitoring, or any other spying tactics.

timegram very well makes up for the lack of invasive employee monitoring with its smart time tracking capabilities.

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