Performance Insights for Software Development Agencies

timegram empowers your agency with enhanced visibility and accurate estimations of project costs, timelines, and resources.

Get Really Good at Accurate Project Estimations

See actual vs. forecasted data for project timelines, budgets, costs, and resource allocation so you can create more accurate, clearer, and stronger estimations over time. No more missed deadlines, over- and under-estimations, and frustrated clients.

Agency Performance Insights like Seeing Through Glass

Gain crystal-clear visibility into your agency's performance metrics. Identify top-performing individuals, track revenue generated by each team member, and measure project success. Make data-driven decisions to enhance productivity, profitability, and overall success.

Project Management Where You Love Doing It

Track time in your favorite PM tools like Jira, ClickUp, and Asana with our integrations. Alternatively, utilize our built-in project management suite to manage tasks, track progress, set deadlines, manage clients, and more.

No More Manual Billable Hour Tracking - Only Automated Invoices

Streamline your billing process by automatically converting project billable hours into accurate invoices. Provide proof of work to clients with confidence and keep of track payments with ease.

How timegram Helps Navigate Project Success with Better Estimations

Create Projects & Set Milestones

You can transform budgets, costs, and timelines into trackable projects, tasks, and milestones in timegram, anchoring progress through team-logged hours.

Monitor and Adjust

As milestones are completed, you can establish whether you are on track with the estimated project timeline or veering off course by setting alerts to stay informed.

Do Proactive Course Correction

By identifying potential deviations early on, you can quickly adapt by allocating more resources or transparently notifying clients about adjustments in timelines.

timegram enables you to foresee obstacles and take measures before it's too late, ensuring higher project success rates and client satisfaction.

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