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Why Do You Need An Employee Monitoring Software

With remote and hybrid teams gaining traction steadily, it can become challenging to monitor your employees’ daily activity and ensure they’re not wasting time. Employee monitoring software helps your team remain productive the entire day, while allowing you to:

Learn how timegram does things differently.

Track How Your Employees Spend Their Time

Remote team managers are often concerned about how their employees spend their time while working from home. Here’s how timegram resolves those concerns:

Time tracking

You can track employee activity on different apps and websites to see how they used their time to complete tasks.


timegram follows a non-invasive approach to tracking while providing you all the necessary insights into employees’ performance.

Trust and Accountability

It enables you to promote a culture of trust and accountability, allowing your team to be more productive with work.

Focus Where it Matters

With no one to spy on, you get to spend time on tasks more aligned with your managerial role like building strategy, managing projects, appraising performances, etc.

Everything You Need In An Intuitive Dashboard

Organizing employee data can be a hassle, so timegram does it for you.

Quick Overview

Get a quick overview of all your teams’ progress, active projects, and working capacities.


Assign projects or tasks to employees and monitor progress.


Get instant access to employee status, work progress, billable hours, and the projects they’re part of.


Get notifications whenever an employee logs time, completes a project, creates a task or performs a relevant activity on the timegram app.

Performance reports

See in-depth reports based on KPIs to drill down into different aspects of individual employee and business performance.

Time Tracking Guide for Managers

Mitigate employee monitoring challenges and improve remote team productivity
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Why timegram for Employee Monitoring

timegram lets you maximize the performance of your team by simplifying workflows through its automated time tracker, promoting accountability with a privacy-first approach and improving productivity levels by tapping into employee insights.

Pros of Using timegram for Employee Monitoring

Managers are already using timegram to peak productivity levels within their teams. Here’s how using timegram for employee monitoring and time tracking will help you do the same:

  • You no longer need to micromanage your team or use employee surveillance tactics, all the while empowering your team to perform better and be more productive
  • You can track and gauge employee performances using different KPIs 
  • You get to spend your time on strategic tasks instead of sifting through timehseets manually
  • You can calculate billable hours and generate accurate invoices for clients within a few clicks 
  • You will track daily, weekly, and monthly employee performances using timegram’s detailed productivity reports
There’s a lot more you can do with timegram as your employee monitoring software. Learn more.

Problems With Conventional Employee Monitoring Software

Conventional employee monitoring software do not take employee privacy into account, creating friction and trust issues between the manager and team members. While you do have unrestricted access to employee activity, desktop screenshots, webcam shots, keystrokes, and much more, all of this ends up impacting your team’s productivity. Here is how:

  • Employees start focusing more on fooling your surveillance tactics than on the actual work
  • Using employee surveillance tactics shows your distrust in employees, which demotivates them to perform up to the mark
  • You waste time spying on your employees instead of focusing on your primary, strategic tasks
  • With no trust, accountability, or employee privacy intact, your team’s productivity begins to plummet altogether

timegram avoids all these issues by:

  • Using a zero-surveillance policy, which means managers will not be able to spy on employees in any way
  • Promoting trust and accountability within teams, which has proven to increase productivity in employees
  • Using multiple KPIs to gauge performances without invading privacy
  • Tracking total time spent on tasks to identify billable hours accurately
  • Providing relevant insights into employees’ performance to increase work efficiency in future projects
Learn more about employee surveillance tactics and how they destroy team productivity.

What Type of Employee Activity Can be Monitored?

Employers may monitor activities like:

  • Emails
  • Internet activity
  • App usage
  • Download history
Tapping into employee desktops may be legal, but it is most certainly unethical and counterproductive, which is why we’ve made timegram a privacy-first tool. It is built with basic human behavior in mind, using workflows that keep both employees and managers productive and most importantly, satisfied.

Is Employee Monitoring Right for Me?

Managers need to monitor employees’ work rather than employees themselves. However, most time tracking solutions end up eroding trust in the process by using surveillance tactics, which make employees uncomfortable. This may compel your team to waste hours trying to fool the system, lose the drive to work, or start quiet quitting at work. .Employee monitoring is only acceptable if it doesn’t invade employee privacy and focuses solely on work-related activities

How Does Employee Monitoring Help Productivity, Performance and Costs?

If done right, tracking employee performance can help you in a number of ways:

  • It enhances team efficiency by giving you insights into employees’ working habits and the number of hours they actually spend working. You can use these metrics to take the appropriate action for performance fluctuations.
  • It removes the line between expectations and performance with crystal clear and accurate (working capacity) numbers
  • It helps managers identify struggling team members (by looking at the actual working capacities) and address their concerns.
  • It helps managers to identify accurate billable hours of each employee, and generate precise invoices against the work delivered.
In short, employee monitoring enables managers to tap into individual and team performance insights, which can easily be leveraged to enhance productivity, improve performance, and save significant costs.

What Employee Tracking Features Do You Need?

For a productive workflow, a few key employee tracking features include:

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use project management features
  • A non-invasive time and activity tracking system
  • Routine performance insights
  • Multiple KPIs to gauge performances
You get all of these features and more with timegram. Try now for free.

How to Introduce Employee Monitoring Software to Your Team?

Introducing the right employee monitoring system to your team can be a challenge. You can follow a 3-step process to get employees onboard with the new time tracking tool.

  • Ask for feedback: explain the purpose clearly and listen to their concerns and expectations
  • Show them how it makes timesheets admin simple and productive
  • Tell them how the tool mutually benefits everyone in the organization
Learn more about how to introduce an employee monitoring software to your team.

Frequently Asked Questions about Employee Monitoring

How do I monitor my employees?

You can monitor your employees by tracking the time they spend on each task and comparing their billable hours with their estimated capacities. You can make this process simple and effective using timegram. Try our our app for free today!

How do you organize your employees’ tasks?

With timegram, you can organize all the projects and tasks from within the tool by simply visiting the ‘Projects’ section. Here, you can create new projects, update existing ones, add new tasks, assign them to users, and monitor progress, all within a few clicks.

Can you monitor employees without their knowledge?

Most conventional time tracking and monitoring tools allow managers to track employee activity without their knowledge. However, this is counterproductive.With timegram, employees have the liberty to share what they want with you, while allowing you to tap into their work-related insights without resorting to any employee surveillance tactic. Learn how timegram works.

Is employee tracking software legal?

Employee monitoring software is legal, but using them to invade employee privacy is highly unethical. Consider using a tool that offers zero-surveillance features, ensuring a better experience for your employees.

What is the best way to keep track of employees’ time?

Using automated time tracking tools is the best way to keep track of where and how employees spend their time during a work-shift. These tools use a dedicated desktop app to capture employee activity.

How do small businesses track employee hours?

Businesses of all sizes are now using time tracking and project management tools to track employee hours. These tools use a desktop tracking app to capture the time and activities employees perform for each task. Each time tracking tool comes with unique features and is available in different pricing plans.

How do you manage a lot of tasks at once?

The best way to manage multiple tasks simultaneously is to use a project management tool. These tools are equipped with functions to help you streamline all your new and existing projects, allowing you to efficiently monitor, manage, and complete them in time.
Pro tip: opt for a time tracking tool with project management features for remote and hybrid teams. It will enable you to manage projects while keeping tabs on individual and team performance.

How is remote employee monitoring conducted?

Remote employee monitoring is conducted in two ways:
Using employee surveillance tactics: This method allows monitoring employee activity by tracking their keystrokes, accessing their webcams, taking screenshots, and more. However, it is becoming obsolete with time as it violates employee privacy and is counterproductive.
Using task- and activity-based monitoring: Managers using this proven method quantify individual and team performances based on their activity and total time spent on each task without having to peek into their desktops or invade employee privacy in any other way.

What is timegram’s approach to employee monitoring software?

timegram follows a zero-surveillance policy by solely focusing on employee activity and the time they spend on tasks. It means that managers don’t have the options to get screenshots, monitor keystrokes, access webcams, or indulge in any other type of employee surveillance tactics. With a pure focus on work, timegram promotes a culture of trust and accountability which are proven to increase productivity levels across the team.

What data does employee monitoring software track?

An invasive employee monitoring software can track employees’ emails, browsing history, keystrokes, app usage, and much more. These tools violate general ethics, which is why new managers are now turning to non-invasive time tracking and project management tools like timegram for employee monitoring.

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Unmatched performance tracking for clients and employees!!

It's one of the easiest tools I've come across for tracking both employee and project performance. It's a one-stop shop to monitor how our projects are going and get insights into how much the next projects are going to cost, how much time they are going to take , and the revenue generated. A true project estimation gem for sure.

Almost perfect

I bought this yesterday and I started to test it out. Processing my hours is a breeze with this tool, just do your work and at the end (or the next day) you can say which time is for which project / client.

Great Tool!

timegram is a tracking powerhouse - it really does track everything! Super easy to use too. But, I am hoping for a bit more customization. Like, adding a tracking time filter or a website/software blacklist/whitelist would be amazing.

Unlock Productivity With The Ultimate Time Tracker Ally!

After quite a few days of use I found timegram is a game-changer for freelancers and agencies looking to master project estimations. With its powerful analytics, tracking time has never been easier. The setup is a breeze – no fuss, just download the app, and it effortlessly starts tracking everything. The UI is aesthetically pleasing, and everything is incredibly user-friendly. Support team is very efficient and friendly. Just knock them in case of any need and they will jump to your aid. Definitely recommended.

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