Smart Time Tracking For Remote Teams

Manage your remote teams more efficiently with our privacy-first solution which lets you create, assign, track, and bill projects in one place.

How Does timegram Benefit Your Remote Teams?

Saves your employees’ time with its intelligent truly automatic time tracker.

Protects your team's privacy and sanity with its privacy-first promise.

Organizes your projects with subtasks, by teams, and by clients.

Gives performance insights about your  employees, team, and business as a whole.

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Empowers your Remote Team to Do Their Best Work 

No matter where you’re working from, your remote team deserves timegram’s versatility for effective time tracking:

Start/Stop Timers are Outdated – Try our Smart Highlights App

And we don’t do outdated things. timegram’s lightweight Highlights app tracks and classifies worked hours by activities. Employees then choose what they want to log before the timesheet reaches you.

Integrate with All Your Favorite Apps for Remote Teams

Keep everything in one place by integrating timegram with your other favorite applications, like Jira, Trello, and QuickBooks, and get the best of all worlds.

Plan Visually with Ease

Create and assign projects + tasks on a visual  list-based interface. Track individual tasks to completion all from one place instead of holding progress meetings all the time.

See KPIs in Action

Define KPIs specific to your business and produce reports to see how each aspect of your  team is performing, giving you quick insights to improve your operations

Boost Productivity with Crystal Clear Insights

Who said you can’t grow together in a remote work setting? timegram turns your remote team’s tracked tasks and time (actual vs. estimated) into useful insights to help boost productivity even from afar.

Turn Hours Worked into Invoices in Just 3 Clicks

Create accurate invoices based on tracked hours on the fly and automate the process for recurring clients to save yourself from manual billing headaches.

What Makes timegram Different?

1. Our Zero-Surveillance Policy

That means no screenshots, keystrokes monitoring, mouse movement tracking, or webcam shots. timegram simply creates a trail of your employees’ activities without invading anybody’s privacy, giving you only pure productivity insights.

2. AI-powered Time Tracking: It does Everything for You

timegram’s intelligent time tracker doesn't just track time. It uses AI to recognize work patterns and automatically create activity “bundles” for each task that employees can log to create complete timesheets with just a few clicks.

3. Resource Planning Now More Efficient Than Ever

Be constantly aware of your team’s capacity to smartly plan tasks without overburdening or underutilizing any employee, ensuring balanced workloads and on-time outputs to close projects punctually.

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