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We are on a Mission to Make Performance Tracking as Accurate and Less Invasive as Possible

Our Story

timegram was born out of a need for a more effective time tracking solution. Our CEO, who was working for a company at the time, struggled to measure the productivity of software engineers. Existing tracking apps were either too invasive or lacked visibility into performance. Determined to find a better way, our CEO set out to create a privacy-first time tracking tool that would bridge the gap between tracking and performance.

As our MVP gained traction and we connected with users, we realized that our solution had broader applications, particularly for digital agencies. Agencies needed a way to accurately track development hours, make data-driven estimations, and visualize revenue and cost per client and project. We saw an opportunity to evolve timegram into a complete performance tracking solution that would empower agencies to deliver outstanding results.

Our Team

Ehsan Elahi

Founder & CEO


VP of Engineering

Ali Azzam

Software Engineer

Musayyib Ahmed

Senior SQA Engineer

Onais Ahmed

Software Engineer

Hasan Siddiqui

Junior SQA Engineer

Muhammad Ali

Product Designer

Anas Hashmi

Web Developer

At timegram, we're proud to have a passionate team that puts great effort in building solutions to improve performance tracking for businesses. From our developers who bring our vision to life, to our customer success team who provide unparalleled support, we are committed to delivering a seamless experience for every user.

We believe in creating a culture of trust and transparency, both within our team and with our users. That's why we've built timegram as a privacy-first solution. We don't take screenshots or webcam shots - instead, we automatically record all activity and give users the power to log activities into tasks and projects. Your tracked data remains 100% private until you choose to log it, allowing you to strike the perfect balance between tracking and privacy.

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