Gain Performance Visibility Without Invading your Team’s Privacy

timegram is the only privacy-first, smart time tracking platform that respects your team’s privacy and concentrates everyone’s focus on delivering their best work.

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Where Insight Replaces Oversight

Where Insight Replaces Oversight

Employees feel empowered when they have your complete trust.

  • No screenshots, no keystroke logging, or webcam shots
  • More accurate, transparent
  • Super employee-friendly & ridiculously simple
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Where Time Matches Tasks & Performance

Where Time Matches Tasks & Performance

Managers deliver quality results when they have complete control over time & planning.

  • Time tracking integrated with tasks
  • Team capacity at finger tips for better resource utilization
  • Estimate vs. actual time for smarter project planning
  • Scale performance with a singular focus on KPIs
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Where Performance Meets Clarity

Where Performance Meets Clarity

Teams give winning performances when they have full transparency into their work.

  • Pure performance transparency via tons of reports
  • In-depth daily and weekly progress at a glance
  • AI-powered productivity intelligence
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Where Employee Happiness Drives Business Success

Where Employee Happiness Drives Business Success

It’s Employee-First

By knowing employees are never under scrutiny, they have more control over their work, stay stress-free, and perform up to their potential. This boosts morale and productivity dramatically, leading to better, higher quality results for the team and the entire organization.

It’s Manager’s Crystal Ball

Replace guesswork with clear insights by seeing exactly which projects your team members are spending their time on and how you can optimize resource allocation to deliver progress efficiently.

It’s Organization’s Productivity Rocket

When insights replace oversight, everyone is focused on performing only value-adding tasks and delivering quality results, fueling team productivity to take your business profit beyond the exosphere.

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See why remote-friendly organizations globally love using timegram for their teams.

Unmatched time tracking for clients and employees!!

It's one of the easiest tools I've come across for time tracking and productivity tracking. It's a one-stop shop to monitor our employees. With a vast majority of our team working in different countries, timegram has made it easy for us to monitor, review and pay our team.

Yunus Jamal, at atompoint

Great tool for remote team productivity!

I love how practical it is in terms of time and productivity management. I work with about 15 remote team members and easily maneuver between users and tasks throughout the day. Such a simple yet effective UI that everything’s right there in front of you! This is probably one of the reasons why I continue to use timegram. Great tech indeed!

Stanislav Krotov, at Cllax

Performance visibility without micromanagement

I was surprised how easy it was to convince my team to use timegram. It's probably because how the system keeps their privacy while still tracking performance. The best part - I don’t have to micromanage my team anymore and still get complete performance visibility.

Ahmed Mehenti, at Workhall

No clutter no hotchpotch -- Simple Fast UI

I love how simple timegram’s UI is. I can literally create projects and tasks, or assign them to specific team members, and see who's working on what. Everything is just a click or two away.

Natalie, at DXMatch

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