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Elevate Your Agency's Performance

Automatic Time Tracking

Capture every billable minute with zero effort. Perfect accuracy, no manual entries.

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Project & Task Management

Say goodbye to chaotic workflows and hello to a streamlined approach to managing agency tasks and project performance efficiently.

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Performance Insights

Deep dive into productivity, ROI, project timeline estimates, & more with holistic reports.

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Time Well Managed, Projects Well Handled

Catch Every Tick with Zero Clicks

Stopwatch stress? No more! timegram automatically captures every second of your workday while you focus on what’s important - running your agency.

Projects Managed Like a Maestro

Orchestrate projects like a maestro! Set milestones that light the way, and watch as tasks and timelines dance to the rhythm of productivity.

Invoices That Almost Send Themselves

Chasing billable hours? That's a thing of the past. With timegram, invoices are as automatic as breathing. Just a few clicks and voilà – your clients are impressed, and your cash flow is singing.

Precision in Estimates, Every Time

Break free from estimation blues with timegram. Dive into actual vs. forecasted data, spot overruns, and predict costs, timelines, and revenue effortlessly.

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What our clients say

Unmatched performance tracking for clients and employees!!

It's one of the easiest tools I've come across for tracking both employee and project performance. It's a one-stop shop to monitor how our projects are going and get insights into how much the next projects are going to cost, how much time they are going to take , and the revenue generated. A true project estimation gem for sure.

Great Tool!

timegram is a tracking powerhouse - it really does track everything! Super easy to use too. But, I am hoping for a bit more customization. Like, adding a tracking time filter or a website/software blacklist/whitelist would be amazing.

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