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10 Time Tracking Apps That Are Better Than Buddy Punch!

May 1, 2023


  • List of 10 better alternatives to Buddy Punch 
  • There is a perfect time-tracking solution for all types of companies, regardless of their size or industry

Are you looking for time-tracking apps for better productivity? Well, look no further because we have put together a list of ten amazing buddy punch alternatives.

From employee scheduling and team messaging capabilities to customization tools and automated payroll alerts, these advanced apps are designed specifically to help boost productivity and minimize headaches. Not only will our listed alternatives make it easier for you to track employee attendance accurately, but they'll also save you precious time when it comes to managing your team's activities more efficiently.

Buddy Punch As A Time Tracking App:

Many businesses consider the buddy punch app to be their fairy godmother, as this magical cloud-based software can help you manage employee attendance, time tracking, scheduling, and even payroll from one enchanted location.

It also has a mobile punch card feature, time tracking capabilities, payroll processing, overtime and leave management, budgeting options, custom workflows, and a reporting toolkit.

And it's not just for the big league companies; Buddy Punch serves over 10,000 organizations. Plus, you can access it from anywhere with their handy Android and iOS mobile apps.

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Drawbacks Of Buddy Punch According To Previous Users:

Well, well, well, it turns out the buddy punch app isn't just watching the employees like a hawk; it’s also bombarding them with emails. Some companies have complained that the app is sending out so many email reminders when their employees fail to sign in that they might as well just hire a personal nagging assistant.

But even when employees try to do the right thing and punch in on their phones or computers, the buddy punch app seems to have a mind of its own. And if that's not enough, it's even been known to punch people out on its own even when they have just punched in. Talk about a tyrant!

Also, if you ever feel like you're playing a GPS roulette game when clocking in or out with the Buddy Punch app, you're not alone.

About one-third of the time, employees get hit with a pesky GPS error and have to try again.

Employers have also expressed the need for a feature that provides reporting information for each employee so that they are able to pull reports that include everything from job performance to attendance. Unfortunately, this is not possible yet with the current buddy punch time clock.

All this may seem like a secret superpower to keep your business running smoothly. However, it is still not without its drawbacks!

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Top Buddy Punch Alternatives:

We've scoured the internet to find the most popular user-friendly alternatives to Buddy Punch.

These handy tools not only make filling out timesheets a breeze for employees, but they also seamlessly integrate with your other business tools. Plus, we made sure to pick solutions with top-notch time-tracking capabilities and customer service. So say goodbye to headaches and hello to efficient time management!

1. Deputy:

Deputy is an intuitive cloud solution designed for employee scheduling and time tracking.

Deputy is a convenient cloud-based solution for businesses of all sizes. It is designed to juggle multiple spreadsheets and to ease scheduling, time-off approvals, and real-time tracking of employee hours and attendance. It also has accessibility on both desktop and mobile devices so that employees can clock in and out from anywhere.

Deputy's time tracking software has real-time digital timesheets, GPS location stamps, and facial recognition for added security. It also has automatic wage calculation, break compliance, dynamic reporting that allows you to compare labor hours to profits, and seamless payroll integration that reduces your admin workload.

Deputy, while offering affordable options, can be a challenge for new users to navigate and integrate with. Customer service has been noted as lacking, and the geolocation feature may not be entirely reliable.

Furthermore, the Android app proves to be less comprehensive than its iPhone counterpart, with features such as Google calendar syncing and access to the news feed missing. Customizability options for the design framework are limited, and the visuals cannot be altered.

2. Harvest:

Harvest is a tool designed to streamline time and expense tracking for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

By using Harvest, teams can gain valuable insight into their project progress and overall business health. Harvest's unique tracking capabilities easily transform billable hours into invoices, making getting paid online quick and easy. With its functionalities like time tracking, expense tracking, project management, and invoicing, Harvest aids in business organization and process optimization.

Harvest offers a plethora of unique features for workflow streamlining. It includes progress tracking and project time tracking to ensure the amount of time each team member spends on various tasks. Harvest's APIs allow it to connect with other online tools for workflow customization.

The Harvest app provides a convenient platform for project time-tracking, but users may experience challenges when switching between live trackers. Some people have reported glitches with time stamps when moving between desktop and mobile devices, as well as overall lagging performance.

In addition, the app lacks features beyond basic time-tracking, leading some users to supplement their workflow with additional apps. Harvest may not be the most cost-effective solution for small or large companies, especially when factoring in the time and expenses required to patch these usability concerns.

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3. Jibble:

Jibble is a powerful and cost-effective time-tracking application for helping businesses with employee attendance management with ease.

Jibble's free package of time and attendance tracking offers an intuitive platform for seamless management. Its mobile apps and facial recognition clocking in and out simplify daily task management. With offline mode, you can rest easy knowing that reliable tracking persists even in the absence of the internet.

On the other hand, an upgraded package unlocks Jibble's customizable suite of tools, enabling you to track time or manage company work policies more closely. It also has personalized features that cater to your company's unique needs.

Jibble, the employee tracking tool, falls short in a few key areas:

  • Firstly, employees are unable to request time off through the platform, which can be a major inconvenience for both managers and employees alike.
  • Additionally, scheduling, which is a ubiquitous feature in many other workforce management tools, is considered an advanced feature in Jibble.
  • Finally, Jibble does not currently offer any direct integrations with any payroll solutions, which could be a dealbreaker for some businesses looking to streamline their operations.

4. Paychex Flex:

Paychex Flex is a cloud-based time and attendance tracking software that's perfect for small and medium business owners.

It offers a variety of features, including time tracking, attendance management, scheduling templates, and enhancing productivity while streamlining your business workflows.

This platform offers a wide range of powerful features, including time tracking, geolocation and geo-fencing, employee scheduling, payroll management, and real-time reporting. With Paychex Flex, you can keep track of your employees' schedules and attendance, ensure accurate and timely payroll processing, and gain valuable insights into your business operations.

While Paychex Flex Time offers multiple features like manual time entries, biometrics, and PTO management, some businesses may find that it's not the ideal solution for them. One reason is that the app's user interface can be crowded with features, which makes it challenging to navigate and can result in a steep learning curve.

Additionally, Paychex's customer support may not always be available, leaving users to figure out the app alone, which can make for a difficult onboarding process. Businesses that prioritize ease of use and strong customer support may want to consider other time-tracking solutions.

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5. QuickBooks Time:

QuickBooks Time offers a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline everything from scheduling to time tracking.

Formerly known as TSheets, this app boasts unparalleled integration with QuickBooks, the most popular accounting software of our time. It has advanced features like GPS tracking and geofencing, users can easily monitor employee activity across a variety of devices, including web dashboards, mobile apps, and convenient time kiosks.

Plus, with additional features for PTO tracking, team scheduling, project management, and API integration with third-party applications, QuickBooks Time offers the tools needed to streamline time and attendance processes and ensure maximum efficiency and productivity in the workplace, even when a company has remote or hybrid employees.

After being recently acquired by Intuit, Quickbooks Time has faced several criticisms from its users. Many have found it inconvenient that the app doesn't support clocking in for two jobs at once or scanning information, forcing them to manually input all of their details.

To make things worse, customer support has been deemed insufficient by many, and with a price point of US$10 per user per month, some have found the service to be quite expensive.

6. Replicon PSA:

Replicon Polaris PSA is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline and automate professional services.

It helps businesses of all scales manage projects, track expenses, and handle billing with ease. Replicon's suite of Time Management tools ensures enterprises can make the most out of their most valuable asset, time. By capturing, analyzing, and optimizing time usage, Replicon helps boost profitability, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

Replicon's PSA time tracking app is equipped with advanced features like GPS tracking and geofencing, ensuring accurate tracking of employee hours and locations. With AI-powered recommendations, their project time tracking suite helps users keep projects on track while efficiently managing project resources, schedules, and costs.

Despite its advantages, Replicon has a few drawbacks worth considering. Although it offers many features, it can be quite costly compared to other options in the market. Additionally, the interface might be intimidating for first-time users, and the mobile app is known for being unreliable, with bugs and syncing issues that may affect your experience.

It's also worth noting that Replicon's monitoring capabilities may raise ethical concerns, as it allows employers to keep tabs on remote employees, potentially violating their right to privacy.

7. Rippling:

Rippling is designed to streamline business operations by serving as an all-encompassing employee management software.

Unlike conventional Human Resource Information System (HRIS) solutions such as BambooHR and Gusto, Rippling offers comprehensive HR, IT, and payroll functionalities in a single platform. It's a cost-effective and efficient solution that enables businesses to manage their employees with ease, save time, and increase productivity.

Rippling's time and attendance software offers a range of clock-in security measures like geolocation restrictions, QR codes, and selfie clock-in, so you can be sure your team is where they need to be. It allows custom workflows where multiple employees can clock in on one kiosk to automate tasks and trigger alerts or overtime rates.

It sends automatic compliance alerts tailored to each employee with custom rules and notifications. Rippling also allows for integrations with accounting software for ease in payroll rollout, with the ability to pay different rates based on hours, location, etc.

However, Rippling's employee management software may not meet the needs of all businesses since it lacks features for monitoring employee productivity and performance during work hours.

While it provides basic time-tracking data, it may not offer enough detail for some users. Rippling's time and attendance feature can help with HR processes and compliance, but it does not offer ready-made or customizable productivity reports.

8. TCP Humanity Scheduling:

TCP Humanity is a scheduling software designed to streamline your workforce management.

It offers a comprehensive scheduling solution that incorporates a range of features, including time clock management, shift rules, and certification tracking.  With seamless integrations with popular HR and payroll software and POS systems, businesses can streamline their scheduling processes, boost compliance, and foster better communication with staff via a user-friendly mobile app.

Maximizing the potential of Humanity's advanced features requires some attention to detail, particularly in setting up employee and location information. It requires investing extra time to input comprehensive data that can take your scheduling and management abilities to the next level.

Despite its widespread adoption, the platform seems to suffer from a few glitches that have left its users disgruntled. The absence of a free plan leaves small businesses and startups struggling to choose a package that aligns with their budget constraints. Moreover, the cheapest plan runs at no less than $100 per month. 

Another issue that many users face is the lack of a social media-style group communication feature. This makes it difficult for teams to collaborate effectively.

9. timegram:

timegram is the only time-tracking platform that prioritizes privacy and productivity.

With timegram, productivity is no longer just a buzzword but a reality. It is a tool that empowers teams to work smarter, not harder, by keeping their focus on creating their best work. timegram delivers unparalleled accuracy without sacrificing privacy, so your team can work confidently, securely, and without distractions. 


  1. Deep Insights: With timegram, you get unparalleled access to reports that provide deep insights into individual and team progress on a daily and weekly basis. You can easily track key performance indicators, identify areas for improvement, and optimize your workflows to ensure you're always ahead of the game. 
  2. Ease of Time And Task Management: As a manager, you will have complete control over planning, project creation, and task allocation, delivering top-quality results every single time. The seamless integration of time tracking and task management also allows for better team capacity utilization: you can keep track of estimated and actual working capacities to make sure no employee is overburdened or left underutilized. 
  3. Efficiency  And Convenience: Employees don’t have to start or stop the timer every time they sit down to work. The desktop app (a.k.a. Highlights) starts tracking as soon as your system boots up. Employees can review their time logs at day end, 
  4. Perfect Balance: It offers the perfect balance of privacy and productivity for remote and hybrid workplaces by promoting accountability within teams through a non-surveillance tracking system.
  1. Improved Employee Productivity: With timegram, employees can work without fear of unnecessary scrutiny. When they’re trusted with work, it empowers them to perform to their full potential and stay stress-free (that’s a research-backed fact!). By eliminating oversight, your team can focus solely on value-adding tasks, resulting in improved work performance altogether. timegram also offers clear insights into projects, tasks, and individual performances, making team management a breeze for you.

Core Features:

  1. Time Tracking: With timegram, managing your team's productivity has never been easier. The Highlights App provides smart and accurate time tracking, so you can rest assured that all productive minutes are accounted for. With this exciting feature, you can easily track your team's productivity and never miss a valuable minute of work. View, review, and approve timesheets with ease, keeping your team and your projects on track.
  2. Project Management: You can effortlessly assign tasks to team members and track progress through a comprehensive visual dashboard. You'll love how easy it is to see your team's availability, ensuring every minute is accounted for and utilized effectively. Plus, with instant insights into estimated vs. actual time spent on completing tasks, you can build more accurate and realistic timelines for future projects.
  3. Productivity Reports: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your team's performance with timegram's cutting-edge insights into projects, tasks, clients, costs, and productivity. The holistic dashboard and quick exportable reports provide you with a 360-degree view of your team's progress. 
  1. Billing and Invoicing: Efficient time management can be a game-changer for freelancers and small business owners. With timegram, you can streamline your entire billing process and convert your tracked time into detailed, professional invoices in just a few clicks. Even if you have recurring payments or need to segment your billable and non-billable work, timegram has got you covered.
  2. Privacy Policy: timegram has a strict no-surveillance policy in place with zero webcam shots, keystroke logging, screenshots, etc. To make up for the absence of invasive monitoring, timegram has implemented smart time-tracking capabilities that enhance productivity while ensuring the protection of sensitive information.

10. toggl track:

toggl track is a time tracking software designed to cater to the needs of busy entrepreneurs, freelancers, and businesses alike.

With its powerful reporting and calculation features, toggl track makes it easy to keep track of time spent on different tasks, irrespective of the user's location. This way, businesses can manage a team of employees and projects easily on the go. With its user-friendly mobile app and desktop software, you can monitor your team's productivity and help them stay on track.

toggl rack has many innovative features, like editable time blocks and the convenient toggl button that makes tracking your employees' hours a breeze. It may be a handy time-tracking software, but there are a couple of downsides to toggl track. For starters, its pricing structure can be steep - to access reports or billable hours, you have to pay a pricey $9/user/month.

Unfortunately, the free plan doesn't offer much in the way of features. Besides the cost, some users find the software to be counterintuitive, with slow and manual processing needed to track time.

Summing it Up:

With all of this information, it's clear that there are several Buddy Punch alternatives in the realm of time-tracking apps. All ten of the tools mentioned here are great choices when it comes to clocking in and tracking work hours. But if you’re big on privacy like we are, then timegram’s your ideal choice, to be honest. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some frequently inquired queries you may have:

What is Time Tracking?

Time tracking is a crucial process that enables you to track how much time your employees actually spend working.

Why is Time Tracking Essential for businesses?

By recording the work hours of employees, you are able to identify trends and patterns in their output. This data can then be used to plan future projects more accurately and work on any potential weak areas. Accurate time tracking also enables businesses to create invoices based on actual billable hours. 

What are the Benefits of Time Tracking?

The benefits of time tracking are endless. They hinder revenue leaks, improve individual and team productivity, increase trust and transparency, and help in billing your clients with utmost precision.

How to know which Time Tracking Solution fits your business?

When searching for the perfect solution, it's important to consider not only its ease of use but the features it offers. Do your research and choose a privacy-first program that integrates seamlessly with the tools you already rely on. Don't waste time on subpar options.

Why is Employee Privacy so important?

A lack of privacy in the workplace can be a serious detriment to an employee's sense of control and productivity. This invasion of personal space can even inflict emotional damage, ultimately leading to decreased morale. It's crucial for employers to prioritize the well-being of their workers and promote a healthy, respectful workspace.

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