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Top 7 Deputy Alternatives To Explore in 2023

April 14, 2023

Are you tired of the constant struggle to manage your employees and track their time or productivity? Well, employee time-tracking apps might just be the solution for you. These apps come with a range of benefits that can improve remote operations and make life easier for everyone involved.

These apps boost employee productivity by keeping an eye on the time each employee spends on tasks. In addition, time tracking apps can also help you with tracking billable hours and creating accurate invoices.

If you’re also looking for a similar tool to streamline your business operations, boost productivity, and improve client management, then have a look at ‘Deputy.’ 

With 330,000 customers in over 100 countries, Deputy is ideal for shift scheduling. Why, you ask? Well, it allows you to schedule unlimited shifts per month! Want to know the best part? It won't break the bank. For just $3.50 per user, per month, you can sign up for scheduling and time & attendance apps separately. Seriously, that's a steal.

Key features:

  • Unlimited shifts per month
  • Auto-scheduling
  • Break planning compliance

However, while Deputy scheduling software has a lot of great features, there are some areas where it falls short. 


  • No free forever plan (only available in the US)
  • Limited customer support
  • Reporting only available in the premium plan
  • No invoicing

7 Deputy Alternatives You Should Definitely Try in 2023

It’s important to note that Deputy schedule software is ideal for businesses that work with shifts. For detailed reports? Not so much. So, are there any other time-tracking apps that can be used to make your team more productive? Sure there are. Here’s a carefully curated list of top seven Deputy alternatives to bolster project management and time tracking:


Clockify is a free time tracking software that helps businesses and individuals manage their time more efficiently.

Unlike Deputy, Clockify has a free plan for unlimited users. It’s a cloud-based time and attendance software that allows employees to clock in and out of the system using a smartphone, web app, browser extension, or kiosk. It can also track billable hours and help in managing paid time off and integrates with over 80 web apps. 

What’s more, it offers different plans to meet varying needs, including the Basic plan, which includes project templates and customizable reports, the Standard plan, which offers additional features like invoice generation and task reminders, and the Pro plan, which includes tools for project budgeting and cost estimations, GPS tracking, and productivity enhancement through screenshots and URL tracking.

Enterprise plan offers single sign-on, control accounts as well as an audit log. Overall, Clockify is an excellent free time and attendance app that can help small businesses efficiently track employee hours and improve team productivity. Plus, It offers easier billing options and invoicing. 

Core Features:

  • Clockify offers manual and automatic time tracking options
  • User-friendly and intuitive timesheet to log your hours accurately
  • Stay on top of your tasks with reminders for overdue tasks
  • Generate invoices directly from your tracked time


  • The mobile app has some glitches
  • Invoicing is not included in the free plan
  • GPS tracking is restricted to the Pro and Enterprise plans

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TimeCamp is an automatic time tracking software that provides teams and individuals with accurate insights into their time spent on various projects and tasks.

Here’s a nifty app that can help you and your remote team keep track of how you spend your time. And let's be honest, time management is a key aspect of productivity that can make all the difference.

TimeCamp goes beyond just clocking in and out; it tracks the URLs and apps that you and your team visit. That way, you can easily see where your team is spending their time and optimize their productivity accordingly. This option is great if you’re looking for Deputy alternatives with a free plan because TimeCamp has one: it allows unlimited users, tasks, and projects. But if you're looking for more features like custom reports, billable time and budgeting, timesheet approvals, and even screenshots, you can upgrade to the paid plan. Perfect for small businesses, the app comes with a variety of time tracking tools, including automatic time tracking, idle time tracking, and daily and weekly timesheets.  

Core Features:

  • Offers a free plan with no user limits that you can use forever
  • Unlimited projects and tasks with TimeCamp
  • Integrates with over 80 third-party apps


  • The mobile app has fewer features, so you may need to use the website to access its full capabilities
  • Pricing options are fixed and cannot be tailored to suit individual needs
  • When several team members contribute to a project, their entries can come across as messy and confusing
  • No invoicing on Free and Basic plans


timegram is a non-invasive time tracking and project management tool that provides insights into individual, team, and project performances. 

Designed for time-tracking and project management, timegram is a one-of-a-kind app that prioritizes privacy and, in doing so, helps foster a culture of accountability and trust among teams, leading to increased productivity

Firstly, let's talk about the user interface. timegram boasts a clean and user-friendly interface, which makes it incredibly easy to use. Whether you're a tech whiz or a complete newbie, you'll find it easy to navigate your way around the platform. The well-organized dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your schedule, tasks, and progress. 

Another great feature of timegram is its ability to create and manage projects. With this tool, you can create multiple projects, assign tasks to each project, and track progress on each project. You can also set deadlines for each task and receive deadline notifications so you never miss one. 

timegram also has a dedicated reporting feature that enables you to generate detailed employee performance reports including estimated vs actual capacity, completed tasks and projects, and the time spent on each work-related activity. 

This is an incredibly useful feature for businesses, as it allows them to analyze their productivity and make informed decisions.

Moreover, timegram has the ability to automatically convert tracked time into detailed invoices, complete with a project log, ensuring that there are no discrepancies between billable hours and actual work done. 

Oh, and timegram offers a free version of its time tracking and reporting software that includes all essential features, which users can use indefinitely without paying any fees. This plan is designed for individuals and teams with up to three members. 

There are two paid plans as well but you get three months free when you pay annually. How cool is that?

Core Features:

  • Highlights, timegram’s time tracking software, automatically launches when you start your computer, so you don't have to remember to turn it on
  • Makes project, resource, and team management simpler 
  • Clean and user-friendly interface that helps you work more efficiently, and provides transparency in performance evaluation
  • timegram generates detailed performance reports based on employee insights 
  • You can use timegram software to track performance at the individual, team, task, and project levels
  • It prioritises user privacy, so managers cannot track employee activity in real time, or use any surveillance tactic like screenshots, webcams monitoring, and keystroke for that matter
  • timegram accurately tracks billable hours and can automatically generate invoices based on the time you've spent on a project


  • Not all businesses are on-board with the idea of prioritizing privacy over other considerations
  • timegram has some limitations when it comes to integrating with other software
  • Lack of features dedicated to sprint management  


Hubstaff is a time tracking software for remote teams, designed to increase productivity through transparency, task management, and online collaboration.

Next up on our list of Deputy alternatives is Hubstaff, which is fit for organizations of all sizes, especially those with remote or field teams. Its key benefit is that it provides visibility into what your entire team is working on at any given point, making it a great tool for monitoring productivity.

Whether you need a simple time tracker app to record work hours and projects or a more all-encompassing automatic solution with productivity monitoring capabilities, Hubstaff has you covered. Its mobile app provides location-based time tracking for field teams, allowing you to clock employees using GPS technology. On, and it comes with a Chrome extension, in addition to being used on desktop or mobile. 

Core Features:

  • Utilises GPS technology to initiate and halt team timers on the move
  • User-friendly, allowing even non-technical team members to quickly adapt to time tracking
  • Establishes idle time limits, receives scheduled reminders, and automatically creates timesheets through time tracking applications


  • Automated screenshots that invade privacy (quite unlike timegram’s privacy-first feature)
  • Interface is not user-friendly
  • Overabundance of reports and data can cause confusion
  • Free plan only allows one user

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Paymo is an all-in-one project management software that enables teams to manage their projects, track time, and invoice clients all in one place.

Unlike Deputy, Paymo is a good tool for invoicing. It allows sending unlimited invoices from within the app and receiving payment in more than 85 currencies via PayPal, Stripe or Authorize.net. Its diverse features include a multi-language interface available in 23 languages, customizable dashboards and menus and financial indicators that allow users to view the financial health of a project in terms of estimate versus the actual budget. In addition, Paymo allows external collaboration for free and assigns tasks to them.

Paymo also offers a free plan with basic tools for personal use, as well as paid plans with more features, including invoicing tools and unlimited tasks, clients, and time entries.

Core Features:

  • Unlimited invoicing; creates invoices from templates in 15 languages
  • Paymo offers a multi-language interface in 23 languages
  • With Paymo, you can bill clients in their local currency by choosing from 85+ currencies


  • In-app tech support is only available for paid plans
  • The free plan comes with limited options
  • All plans come with storage limits
  • Employee scheduling is only available on the Business plan

Toggl Track

Toggl Track is a time-tracking app that can be used across the web, on mobile and desktops, well-suited for freelancers and small teams.

If you’re specifically looking for Deputy alternatives that offer usages on multiple platforms, including mobile devices and desktops, then explore Toggl Track.

For small teams, Toggl Track's Free plan is a great option. It's specifically designed for freelancers and allows up to five users. With Toggl Track, you can track time for unlimited clients and projects, and if you upgrade to a paid plan, you can track billable hours as well. Plus, you can use unlimited tags to keep reports organized.

One of the highlights of Toggl Track’s features is idle time detection and reminders. This ensures that you won't forget to turn on or off the timer, and you can focus on your work without worrying about manually tracking time. Comes with one free and three paid plans.

Core Features:

  • Free plan offers the ability to add up to five users
  • Toggl Track's idle time detection feature helps employee log-ins
  • Unlimited projects, clients, and tags on all Toggl Track plans


  • The free plan for Toggl Track doesn't allow assigning time for projects or activities
  • Toggl Track's paid plans can get pricey for some users
  • Team time tracking reminders only available in Premium and Enterprise plans
  • Free plan only ideal for small teams


ClockShark is a mobile time tracking and scheduling software designed for construction and field service companies.

Providing an array of features for companies in various industries, including construction, healthcare and retail, ClockShark is a cloud-based software that helps businesses track their frontline workers' time, schedule their shifts, and monitor their attendance.

One of the highlights of ClockShark’a features is the geofencing tool that allows employers to set up virtual boundaries around job sites and receive alerts when their employees enter or exit the job site. Additionally, the app offers all the usual time-tracking and management features such as email alerts and reporting.ClockShark offers two plans for its users - the Standard and Pro. Each comes with a monthly base fee and a monthly per-user fee. The best part? Both plans offer a 50 percent discount on the base fee for the first six months as an introductory offer.

Core Features:

  • ClockShark offers a Spanish version of the software for non-English speaking users
  • The software also includes GPS tracking to monitor employee locations
  • KioskClock time clock feature allows for facial recognition 


  • ClockShark doesn't offer a free plan
  • Time off management is only available on the Pro plan
  • The software does offer reporting features, but they may not be as in-depth as some other options on the market
  • If you don't have a mobile team, some of ClockShark's features, such as GPS tracking and geofencing, may not be necessary for your business

The List Is Cool – But Which Deputy Alternative Is the Best?

Timegram. Let us tell you why.

Of all the Deputy alternatives mentioned in this piece, timegram is the one time-tracking tool for managers and teams that values privacy and accountability in the workplace but still offers an efficient way to track individual and team productivity.

Experience timegram for yourself and watch your productivity soar. Sign up now!


What are time tracking apps, and how do they work?

Time-tracking apps are software tools that allow users to record and monitor the time spent on different tasks and projects. These apps typically work by starting a timer when a task is started and stopping the timer when the task is completed. 

Some time tracking apps like timegram offer an automated tracker which launches when your desktop starts and then tracks user activity until shutdown.

What are the benefits of using time tracking apps?

There are several benefits to using time tracking apps. 

First, they can help increase productivity by providing users with a clear picture of how they are spending their time. This can help users identify areas where they are wasting time and make adjustments to their work habits. 

Second, time tracking apps can help with project planning by providing accurate data on how much time has been spent on each task. This can help with scheduling and budgeting. 

Please note that time tracking is different from employee surveillance, which has a detrimental effect on productivity.

How do I choose the right time-tracking app for my needs?

There are many time-tracking apps available in the market and choosing the right one can be a challenge. Some factors to consider when choosing a time-tracking app include ease of use, features offered, pricing, and compatibility with other tools. 

Make sure to read reviews and get recommendations from other users before making a decision. 

However, if you want to save time and get the best time-tracking app that’s non-invasive and helps drive maximum productivity, then try timegram.

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