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April 5, 2023

Creating the ideal work environment is essential for businesses to reach maximum productivity. Every good business leader knows that a productive and happy team can do wonders for their bottom line, but how exactly is it possible to create the ideal working environment?

Here we’ll explore ways to give your employees an ideal workplace, so they are equipped with everything they need to be successful, are satisfied with their work, and ultimately maximize individual and organizational productivity.

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The Ultimate Tool For Tracking Productivity:

In an increasingly digital world, companies need streamlined strategies to keep up with their competitors and make the most of each day. Fortunately, there is an easy way to create the ideal work environment  for maximum productivity: simply use timegram.

timegram is the ultimate productivity-boosting tool that helps managers motivate and empower their teams by providing the two most important things in a workplace; communication and time management. Now, not only can you track remote employees' tasks, but you also assign those tasks in an instant, making sure nothing important falls through the cracks!

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Main Features of timegram:

timegram gives you the superpower to be productive! With features like time tracking, task management, project planning, and privacy protection, it guarantees your team’s productivity. Plus, reports, billing, and invoice generation add a cherry on top for businesses that wish to automate their tedious tasks and have an ideal workplace culture.

Whoever said Superman was the only one with superpowers has clearly never used timegram!

Time Tracking:

Keep your team on track, maximize their productive minutes, and provide an ideal workplace for employees with the timegram Highlights app. Uncover what projects, tasks, and activities they’ve been dedicating their time to without prying through their desktops. The app’s intelligent grouping feature puts their work-related activity into relevant tasks so employees can easily log them. 

Squeeze the most out of every productive minute with precise, accurate tracking. Not only will it ensure that everybody in the workplace is up to date with projects’ progress, but it also guarantees that employees don’t end up working more than their capacities.

Keep tabs on your and your team's time like an eagle-eyed pro with the Highlights App.

Project Planning:

Planning projects in advance is an essential characteristic of any successful business. Project planning is your choreographer, giving clear instructions to each team member and stakeholder to avoid any awkward missteps. It keeps everyone on the same page and everything flowing smoothly from start to finish, like a well-oiled machine. Without planning and proper task allocation, success would become farfetched.  

So don't forget that project planning isn’t just important, it should be on top of your ideal work environment list!

However, if you’re struggling to keep tabs on progress and working capacities, timegram can give you the magic touch to monitor, manage, and push projects to completion!

Get that perfect holistic view with the  intuitive visual dashboard and assign tasks within mere seconds so your team can complete projects efficiently on time. You can also see who's flying high and nailing their tasks or if someone needs help getting back on track. Create visual timelines that show the capacity of each project or employee, all with just one click.

With timegram, you can also manage the number of hours each employee puts in. Instantly see everyone's working capacity  and assign tasks accordingly so no one ends up overworking.. It’ll have your crew running like clockwork. 

Let timegram be the ideal workplace fairy godmother you wish you always had!

Task Management:

Without task management, a work environment is like a car with its tires spinning in the mud - you make no progress despite how hard you try. Assigning projects to employees according to their strengths ensures smooth sailing from allocation to completion. It also keeps everyone from getting bogged down.

timegram’s Highlights app keeps track of employees’ activity and remembers their activity for them while they focus on their assigned tasks to stay productive.

You can see the estimated time for each task and the actual time taken to check off those tasks on your planning dashboard. In addition, you can manage workloads, so employees never feel overwhelmed or overworked. 

Finally, weed out the underworking staff by finding out if someone has been wasting their nine-to-five on company time.

With timegram, this will be your staff in no time!

Productivity Reports:

Nothing says “You can do it!” better than a good ol' productivity report. Need to get your slacking employees up and running? Precisely talk to them about the tasks they’re having difficulty delivering or assign them the work where they can truly play to their strengths. Use data-backed reports to let 'em know how much you appreciate their efforts.

Get the scoop on your team's performance and make data-driven decisions with timegram. From simple reports to deep insights, pat those top performers on their backs and help get underachievers back in top gear.

You get to keep your finger on the pulse of productivity with timegram. Get timely insights into progress so you can quickly identify any issues and correct the course before project completion times turn to dust. Instantaneously compile daily, weekly, or monthly reports and share them with stakeholders with one click. No more having to deal with manual access granting headaches for you or your team leads.

Having timegram is like having a crystal ball for boosting your team morale!

Billing And Invoices:

Don't let billing bog down your productivity; make it quick and easy with timegram. With just a few clicks, you can avoid hours of tedious paperwork so you can spend more time on the tasks that really matter.

Make the most of your time using timegram to quickly tag billable and non-billable activities for simple invoicing. Automatically generate detailed invoices in just a few clicks so you can keep tabs on the work you’ve delivered, eliminating any discrepancies between hours billed and actual activity. You can also set up recurring payments with ease - no more added stress from keeping track of multiple bills over long periods.

Complete Privacy:

timegram knows that trust is the key to success. Respect and protect your employee privacy by implementing a zero-surveillance policy through timegram. Promote a culture of trust and accountability, proven to amplify individual and team productivity. 

No need to spy on your employees with magnifying glasses to see what they’re doing in real time. You have many more important tasks to focus on. Just use timegram’s non-invasive and smart time tracking capabilities so everyone can do their best work without looking over their shoulders.

Protect your employees’ data privacy and get maximum workplace productivity!

How To Improve the Productivity Of A Remote or Hybrid Team?

Achieving productivity at work can often feel like you’re trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, no matter how hard you try, it's never going to be quite right. Factors such as workplace dynamics and culture play an integral role in maximizing efficiency. 

After all, productivity in the workplace is never a one size fits all sort of deal. Just because something worked for another company does not mean it will work for your business as well.

Let us highlight a few challenges you may face while working with a remote or hybrid team and provide ideal work environment examples to aid you in overcoming these challenges using timegram.

You never have to worry about the competition getting ahead of your business with timegram on your side!

Challenges Of Managing a Remote Team:

Trying to manage a remote team can feel like trying to teach cats how to use tools without opposable thumbs - it’s kind of hard, you know. Without face-to-face supervision, ways to set clear expectations, and consistent communication, it is difficult for teams to stay cohesive. On top of that, remote team members often have to deal with social isolation, which leads to even lower productivity overall.

Learn more about Remote Work and Why Companies Fail At It!timegram will have you leaving your workplace feeling ecstatic!

Challenges Of Managing A Hybrid Team: 

Managing a hybrid team is like trying to build a lego death star while surrounded by kids; you have all the pieces, but keeping the kids from trying to take everything apart can be tricky!

With your team members feeling like they do not have the right tools to do a good job, they can feel disconnected  from the workplace which directly results in collaboration challenges and disrupted processes.

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Overcoming The Workplace Challenges With timegram:

Are you struggling to whip your remote and hybrid teams into the shape of an ideal work environment? timegram's privacy-first, productivity-enhancing solution is here with the answer!

With this tool, you can have absolute control over:

  • Creating and assigning projects, and tasks within them
  • Tracking individual and team performances
  • Generating accurate invoices to bill projects. 

timegram will have you leaving your workplace feeling ecstatic!

In a Nutshell:

By now, you have heard enough about timegram's powerful features that help make the ideal workplace for employees, conducive to productivity!

This fusion of smart workplace strategies and our ultimate tool for tracking productivity is sure to bring your business to new heights. It will help you overcome hybrid and remote work challenges, creating an environment where everyone can feel their best.

What's most impressive is how easy timegram makes each step of the team management process. It is always reliable, updated in real time, and backed by complete privacy for maximum data security.

Want to know more about timegram? How about you take a look at our tool’s core features here


Here are some frequently asked questions you may have:

How do I start being productive?

Ready to be a productivity ninja? The key is to set your sights on a goal and go for it like a ferocious cat chasing a laser pointer. It's true, you can't be productive without a purpose. So let's get planning, my friend. Schedule your work sessions like they're hot dates (minus the awkward small talk). Say goodbye to distractions like a boss and hello to a productive powerhouse version of yourself. You can do this!

Why do I wait until the last minute to do my work?

Ah, the age-old problem of procrastination. It seems like we always have a reason why we can't do that important thing right now. But let's face it, if we don't schedule time for ourselves, we'll never get anything done. So grab your calendar and make a date with your most important tasks - you'll thank yourself later when you're not in a last-minute crunch!

How can I improve my productivity?

If you want to get things done, you gotta get your ducks in a row. First, figure out what you want to achieve. Once you've got your eye on the prize, pick the tasks that will get you there and rank 'em like they're in a beauty pageant. Then, schedule them like it's a date with Ryan Gosling. Finally, eliminate distractions like a ninja assassin in a James Bond flick, or just turn off your phone. Boom! You're now a productivity pro.

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See why remote-friendly organizations globally love using timegram for their teams.

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