The Animation Guys Reduce Project Budget Overruns by 18% with timegram


The Animation Guys, a London-based video animation company, is renowned for its stunning 2D and 3D animations and captivating storytelling. Yet, they faced challenges managing multiple projects, handling project overruns, and ensuring timely delivery. This was due to using various tools for resource planning, task collaboration, and time tracking, leading to inefficiencies and bottlenecks that hindered collaborative work and meeting deadlines.

Jay Middleton

Managing Director

Enter timegram is an automatic time-tracking & project management tool that transformed how The Animation Guys managed their projects. It allowed its animators and designers to automatically capture time & activity and log precisely the work they did for different tasks. This gave valuable insights into overall team productivity, revealed opportunities for better resource allocation, and automated the invoicing process, saving them significant time and effort.

"timegram made a real difference for us," says Jay Middleton, Managing Director at The Animation Guys. "It gave us a clear understanding of where our time was going, which tasks were taking longer than expected, and how we could optimize our workflow for better efficiency.”

The timegram Solution - Streamlined Workflows, Improved Internal Collaboration, and Automated Invoicing

Prior to timegram, The Animation Guys relied on manual time-tracking via Google Sheets, which were always riddled with inconsistencies, leading to billing issues. This made it difficult to accurately assess project progress, identify areas for improvement, and generate invoices efficiently.

Here is how timegram streamlined internal workflows for The Animation Guys:

More time for quality work: timegram helped them reduce time spent on administrative tasks by 80%, freeing up valuable time for better client management and enhanced quality of work.

Improved collaboration: Shared visibility into project timelines and task durations fostered better teamwork and internal collaboration between team members. Project handoffs became about 25% faster due to improved task clarity and accountability.

More accurate estimations: timegram's project estimation reports helped them identify potential project overruns earlier, allowing for proactive adjustments and reduced project budget overruns by 15%.Enhanced visibility: Real-time insights into individual and team productivity, allowing for better resource allocation, workload management, and accurate project estimations.

Effortless invoicing: Automatic generation of invoices based on tracked time and project rates ensured timely and accurate payments, streamlining their cash flow. timegram reduced their invoicing time by 60%, improving client satisfaction through transparent and timely billing."

timegram's biggest benefit is its easy and simple interface, and along with fluid integration with our existing tools, it has become our team’s favorite," says Jay. "We now have a centralized platform for tracking time, managing projects, collaborating internally, and generating invoices, which has significantly improved our overall efficiency, productivity, and cash flow."

Timely Deliveries, Happy Clients, and Unimpeded Scalability

By streamlining its workflows, improving internal collaboration, and leveraging automated invoicing, The Animation Guys has achieved:

Reduced Project Delivery Times: timegram's insights enabled them to identify and address potential roadblocks proactively, leading to faster project completion times by 20% and predictable project budgets.

Enhanced Client Satisfaction: Improved communication, timely deliveries, and transparent invoicing resulted in happier clients and stronger business relationships.

Scalability and Growth: The ability to track, manage, and estimate project costs effectively paves the way for future growth and expansion. With the increased efficiency and data-driven insights, The Animation Guys increased their project capacity by 30% and secured two new high-profile clients within the last 6 months.

"We can now deliver high-quality animation projects on time, within budget, and with clear and timely invoices. We are confident that timegram will continue to be a valuable asset as we continue to grow," concludes Jay.