Streamline Hybrid Work Management with Effortless Time Tracking

Boost productivity and gain valuable insights for your geographically dispersed workforce with our hybrid & remote team management software.

How Does timegram Make Hybrid Team Management a Breeze?

Saves time & boosts efficiency with truly automatic time tracking.

Has a strict no-surveillance policy for a culture of trust.

Organizes & streamlines project organization with subtasks, teams, and clients.

Offers uninterrupted visibility with in-depth team performance reports and insights

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Overcome Hybrid Workforce Management Challenges

Our user-friendly time-tracking software for hybrid teams is ideal for you if you want to:

Track Time Smartly

Effortlessly track time spent on tasks and projects, with both automatic time capture and manual adjustments for ultimate flexibility–and privacy.

Organize Projects with Ease

Organize individual and team projects for clear visibility into workflow and progress, regardless of location.

Maximize Hybrid Work Productivity

Gain valuable & actionable insights into team and individual productivity, helping you identify areas for improvement and optimize hybrid work arrangements.

Track Attendance

Maximize productivity by using the desktop tracker app's time-in and time-out features to monitor employee attendance effectively.

Go Transparent

Improve reporting transparency by categorizing your workforce into teams according to department, region, job hierarchy, etc. Simplify management and streamline communication effortlessly.

How Does timegram Reduce Administrative Burdens?

1. Improves Visibility and Productivity

Gain real-time insights into team activity, allowing for better resource allocation and project management across locations.

2. Enhances Accountability

Usher in a culture of ownership and transparency with clear visibility into individual and team time allocation through our employee monitoring for hybrid teams.

3. Data-Driven Decision Making

Make informed decisions about team structure, workload distribution, and overall hybrid work strategy based on concrete data.

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