Hybrid & Remote Team Management Software

Monitor actual vs. estimated capacities, track task progress, and keep team performances in check through timegram’s visual, intuitive dashboard. It’s just the simplest way for managing remote workforces.

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Simplifying Employee Monitoring

Tracking time can become challenging. You need to track each employee’ time spent on different tasks, determine their outputs against estimated capacities, and make sure that each task is being delivered on time and up to the mark.

We make the entire process simple and hassle-free for you with timegram – a privacy first time tracking and remote workforce management tool.

  • Automate time tracking so employees don’t have to start and stop the timer every time
  • Promote trust and accountability by letting employees share their work logs and omit the rest.
  • Provide insights into each employee’s productivity levels so you get to determine the strong and weak points of each employee.
And a lot more!

Manage hybrid & remote workforces

Team visibility is among the major concerns for managers, and timegram’s got just the right remote work solution. Easily monitor each employee’s working capacity to ensure no one’s heading towards a potential burnout, adjust projects and workloads accordingly to meet deadlines, calculate billable hours, and generate invoices within a few clicks.

Here’s how timegram

Drive Productivity in Your Remote or Hybrid Workplace

Your remote and hybrid teams can be more productive with the right tool at hand. You can create projects, make tasks within those projects, assign those tasks to users, monitor individual and team progress, and do much more.

  • timegram lets you tap into each individual’s strengths by identifying areas where they’re able to effectively complete projects on time. You can assign them similar projects in the future for greater efficiency.
  • Instead of using unnecessary employee surveillance tactics, it focuses on promoting trust and accountability within teams. This means that timegram doesn’t provide any options for taking screenshots, tracking keystrokes, or accessing webcams. Instead, it allows you to monitor progress by tracking the time spent on tasks and through monitoring the hours employees have worked against their estimated capacity.
  • timegram's time tracking app, a.k.a. Highlights, is an automated app, which means your employees don’t have to worry about starting and stopping timers. The app remembers their entire daily activity and puts it into app blocks, enabling your employees to review and submit activity logs any time.

All in all, timegram is a one-stop tool to manage resources and projects to increase your remote or hybrid team’s productivity levels overall.

Identify and Resolve Inefficient Workflows

Inefficient workflows can cause delays in project timelines, derail employee focus, and reduce the overall ROI of your business. With timegram, you can streamline your entire workflow to make it more efficient and effective.

  • Identify bottlenecks in individual performances and remove them through effective resource planning
  • Monitor employee productivity levels on different tasks to see where they’re struggling and plan projects accordingly
  • Let employees get to work right away without requiring to start or stop timers
  • Protect employee privacy by letting them choose what they share with you, so they’re not reluctant to log hours
timegram allows your team to get rid of redundant processes by offering a simpler, more practical workflow that improves productivity levels by focusing on areas that matter the most. Here’s how timegram works.

In-Depth Employee Productivity Reports

timegram allows you to create different productivity reports based on individual users, entire teams, and specific projects. Each report provides you with detailed productivity insights to keep tabs on employee and team performances. You get a consolidated view of:

  • Number of hours an employee worked compared to the estimated capacity
  • Billable hours of the employee
  • The total hours worked by the team
  • Projects the employee worked on
  • Task completion ratio
  • Peak productivity hours
  • The time taken on each project or task

timegram's productivity report features a list of relevant insights about individuals and teams providing you with a detailed view of their overall performances. You can use this information to conduct accurate performance appraisals, identify areas where improvement is required, and take proactive measures to enhance productivity levels.

Explore Timegram's Key Features

Remote team managers are often concerned about how their employees spend their time while working from home. Here’s how timegram resolves those concerns:

Smart time tracking

timegram brings you an automated time tracker so your team doesn’t have to start and stop the timer the next time they sit down to work. That’s one less distraction while using timegram.

Our desktop time tracker, a.k.a. the Highlights app captures employees’ activities throughout the day and groups them into relevant app blocks. Your employees can then check them and log the relevant Highlights into specific tasks.

Privacy-first tool

Countless proven studies have shown that surveillance and micromanagement kill productivity. That’s why we believe in a zero-surveillance policy that promotes trust and accountability within teams so they can operate more efficiently.

This means that timegram doesn’t allow managers to take screenshots, monitor keystrokes, access webcams, or indulge in any other type of employee surveillance tactic that could potentially affect your team’s productivity.

Analyze performances in a single window

timegram’s main dashboard provides you with a holistic view of individual and team performances, so you can see each employee’s working hours against their estimated capacities.

We’ve also added a graphical representation of your team's overall performance so you can tell at a glance if it starts to plummet.

Manage projects like a pro

Don’t feel like using three separate tools for hybrid tracking, project management, and performance reporting? No problem! timegam's got you covered. You can hop into our ‘Projects’ module where you can create projects, add users, and assign individual tasks to them. After that, go to our Insights module to see a detailed view of performance and productivity.

Your team will log time spent on each task which will enable you to determine individual and task progress with ease. All the information you need about a certain project is available within a single click.

Built for Your Remote or Hybrid Workforce

With timegram, you’ll be able to manage time, resources, projects, and invoices, all within a few clicks. We’ve also added a zero-surveillance policy to save you and your team from micromanagement.

In short, timegram is just the perfect privacy-first time tracking and remote employee productivity management tool you need for your remote and hybrid teams.

Don’t take our word for it, try timegram for free and experience the perks of true productivity yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hybrid Teams

How to choose the right remote work software?

Choosing the right remote team management software depends on your priorities. Ideally, your software should include:
• Smart time tracking so employees don’t have to start or stop timers every time
• Privacy-first policy to protect your employees’ privacy and promote accountability
• Project management module to easily assign tasks and track progress
• Billing and invoicing feature to generate accurate invoices based on billable hours
• A simple UI so you don’t have to invest too much time understanding the tool

What is remote workforce management?

The term ‘remote workforce management’ refers to effectively managing your remote or hybrid teams.

Why is workforce management important?

Workforce management is important in order to ensure that your employees are delivering at full capacity for maximum productivity without risking reaching burnout levels.

How to manage remote workers effectively?

To effectively manage a workforce, you need:
• A dedicated hybrid work monitoring method to identify the number of hours employees work
• Project management tool to assign work to users 
• Predetermined KPIs to gauge performances
• A tool to ensure seamless communication between teams
• A streamlined way to provide constructive feedback
Having these in place will get you started towards your effective remote management journey.

What is timegram’s approach to remote workforce management and employee monitoring?

timegram follows a zero-surveillance policy for workforce management and employee monitoring. It means that managers are not allowed to take screenshots, monitor keystrokes, access webcam, or indulge in any other type of employee surveillance tactics. Instead, timegram promotes a culture of trust and accountability which are proven to increase productivity levels across the team.

How to Overcome the Challenges of Remote Workforce Management?

There are several hybrid or remote team management challenges that managers have to address. Some common ones include:
• Keeping track of the time employees spend working.
• Assigning projects and keeping track of their progress.
• Keeping track of the time employees spend on each task.
• Identifying employee performances and conducting performance-based appraisals.
You can resolve most of these challenges by using a dedicated time tracking and project management tool. Start with timegram’s free trial.

What our clients say

Unmatched performance tracking for clients and employees!!

It's one of the easiest tools I've come across for tracking both employee and project performance. It's a one-stop shop to monitor how our projects are going and get insights into how much the next projects are going to cost, how much time they are going to take , and the revenue generated. A true project estimation gem for sure.

Almost perfect

I bought this yesterday and I started to test it out. Processing my hours is a breeze with this tool, just do your work and at the end (or the next day) you can say which time is for which project / client.

Great Tool!

timegram is a tracking powerhouse - it really does track everything! Super easy to use too. But, I am hoping for a bit more customization. Like, adding a tracking time filter or a website/software blacklist/whitelist would be amazing.

Unlock Productivity With The Ultimate Time Tracker Ally!

After quite a few days of use I found timegram is a game-changer for freelancers and agencies looking to master project estimations. With its powerful analytics, tracking time has never been easier. The setup is a breeze – no fuss, just download the app, and it effortlessly starts tracking everything. The UI is aesthetically pleasing, and everything is incredibly user-friendly. Support team is very efficient and friendly. Just knock them in case of any need and they will jump to your aid. Definitely recommended.

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