How to Make Time Go Faster: Practical Tips for Supercharging Your Productivity at Work

August 7, 2023

In a world where time is a precious commodity, the desire to find ways to make time go faster is a common aspiration. While we can't physically accelerate time, our perception of it can profoundly impact our productivity and well-being. The sensation of time dragging on can make tasks feel endless and draining, while the feeling of time flying by might leave us struggling to keep up with our responsibilities. 

Understanding and managing time perception is vital to optimize productivity and improve our overall satisfaction. In this exploration of how to make time go faster, we will delve into nine effective strategies to help you make time go faster, not by altering its speed, but by maximizing engagement and fulfillment in your daily life.


  • Our perception of time influences how we experience it.
  • Though we can't change time's pace, we can manage our perception of how to make time go faster.
  • Discover nine strategies to enhance productivity and well-being.
  • Engage in flow activities, set clear goals, and minimize distractions for a more fulfilling perception of time.
  • Taking breaks, practicing mindfulness, and prioritizing social interactions can also contribute to a sense of making time go faster and being more productive.

How To Make Time Go Faster? Master The Art Of Time Management 

The first step in our guide on how to make time go faster is time management. Time is a precious resource, and mastering the art of time management is the key to unlocking your productivity potential. Effective time management is not just about squeezing more tasks into your day; it's about making the most of each moment, achieving your goals, and creating a fulfilling sense of accomplishment. 

Let's delve into effective time management and time budgeting principles and discover how it can make time appear to pass quickly while bringing a profound sense of achievement.

Principles of Effective Time Management

Setting Goals: Begin your time management journey by setting clear, specific, and achievable goals. Without a target to aim for, it's easy to get lost in a sea of tasks. Goals provide direction and purpose, guiding your efforts toward what truly matters.

Prioritization: The art of prioritization involves identifying tasks based on their urgency and importance. Focus on high-priority tasks that align with your goals. Learn to distinguish between what's essential and what can wait, ensuring that your time is invested in the most impactful activities.

Scheduling: A well-structured schedule is the backbone of effective time management. Allocate specific time blocks for each task, ensuring a balanced distribution of your energy and attention. Stick to your schedule, but also allow flexibility to handle unexpected challenges.

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Time Management Can Help Make Time Go Faster 

Interestingly, proper time management can create the illusion of time passing quickly. When you are fully engaged in your tasks, with a clear sense of purpose and a well-organized schedule, you enter a state of "flow." In this state, time seems to effortlessly slip away because you are immersed in the joy of the present moment.

On the other hand, when you are disorganized and constantly rushing to meet deadlines, time may feel like it's crawling. By mastering time management, you not only increase productivity but also create a seamless flow in your daily activities, making time appear to pass quickly.

In addition, effective time management sets the stage for a fulfilling sense of accomplishment. When you achieve your goals and complete tasks on schedule, you experience a boost in confidence and motivation. Each accomplished task becomes a stepping stone towards larger achievements, elevating your self-esteem and fueling your drive to succeed.

Time management also allows you to focus on meaningful tasks and avoid procrastination. As you stay on track, you'll notice a decrease in the anxiety and stress associated with missed deadlines and uncompleted projects. This newfound sense of control over your time instills a positive mindset, which further enhances your productivity and overall well-being.

So, the next time you find yourself asking how to make time go by faster at work, remember effective time management is a skill worth mastering. Setting goals, prioritizing tasks, and creating a well-structured schedule empower you to seize control of your time. The result is a sense of accomplishment, increased productivity, and the perception that time is on your side. 

Optimize Your Workspace for Efficiency: Unlock Your Productivity Potential!

Picture this: You sit down to tackle an important project, but as you glance around your cluttered workspace, your focus starts to waver. That stack of papers on the corner, the scattered stationery, and the random knick-knacks—everything seems to be vying for your attention, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. We've all been there, haven't we?

Here's the good news: by optimizing your workspace, you can wave goodbye to distractions and unleash your true productivity potential 

So how to make time go faster? The first step could be a well-organized and clutter-free environment is not just a mere aesthetic choice; it's a game-changer for your focus and creativity.

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But First … Why Optimize Your Workspace?

Decluttering and organizing your workspace go beyond mere tidiness; they cultivate a harmonious environment that nurtures creativity and fuels productivity. 

A Sanctuary of Focus: Imagine stepping into your workspace, and it's a breath of fresh air. An uncluttered zone means fewer distractions and a clear path to dive right into your tasks.

Clarity, Ahoy!: With everything in its rightful place, you'll experience newfound mental clarity. No more rummaging for that elusive pen or searching through piles of papers. It's all at your fingertips.

Swift and Efficient: Say goodbye to the days of searching for misplaced documents or tools. An optimized workspace means you'll zip through tasks with lightning speed.

The Zen Zone: A tidy workspace can work wonders for reducing stress. Picture a serene oasis where you can channel your creative genius effortlessly.

Breathe in Creativity: A clutter-free environment opens up mental space for innovative ideas to flow freely. Get ready to get acquainted with your creative side!

How to Optimize Your Workspace

Ready to unlock the magic of an optimized workspace? Fear not; we've got the perfect action plan for you. 

Declutter Regularly

Regular decluttering transforms your workspace. Assess each item, asking if it sparks joy or is essential. Bid farewell to what doesn't fit. A clutter-free space clears your mind for focus. Make a decluttering routine to prevent accumulation.

Smart Storage Solutions

After decluttering, embrace shelves, drawers, and containers. These tools create organized areas. Group similar items in labeled containers or folders. Designated homes prevent chaos.

Clear Desk, Clear Mind

A clutter-free desk unleashes creativity. Keep essentials and current projects on it. Store other items in designated places. A clear desk reduces distractions and boosts control.

Digital Organization

Digital tools matter too. Organize files with folders and subfolders. Categorize for quick access. Digital order boosts efficiency and saves time searching.

Desk Organizers for Efficiency

Desk organizers keep stationery and small items accessible. Invest in holders, organizers, and trays. Everything in its place enhances visual appeal and productivity.

Engage in Engrossing Activities: Embrace the Timeless Flow!

Imagine a moment when you were so captivated by an activity that time seemed to vanish into thin air. Your focus was laser-sharp, and every passing minute felt like a fleeting second. That enchanting state is what psychologists call "flow," and it's the gateway to a captivating and time-defying experience. Let's uncover the fascinating world of flow and discover how engaging in immersive activities can make time fly while keeping you joyfully entertained.

Tips for Finding Flow in Engaging Activities

How exactly can you find your flow? The answer to this question is yet another step towards learning how to make time go by faster. Let’s have a look at some useful tips:

Pursue Passionate Hobbies

Immerse yourself in hobbies that set your soul on fire! Whether it's painting, playing an instrument, or cooking, engaging in activities that ignite your passion will effortlessly sweep you into the realm of flow.

Explore the World of Books

Dive into the pages of a gripping book and let your imagination run wild. When the story enchants your heart and mind, you'll be transported into a time warp of literary bliss.

Conquer Puzzles and Challenges

Challenge your mind with puzzles, riddles, or brain teasers. The sense of accomplishment when you crack the code or solve the mystery will make time zoom by.

Create Artistic Masterpieces

Express yourself through art! Whether it's drawing, writing, or crafting, the creative process immerses you in a world of endless possibilities, where time dances to your artistic rhythm.

Get Lost in Nature 

Nature has a way of captivating us in its beauty. Take a walk in a scenic park or immerse yourself in a serene landscape. Connecting with nature can create a timeless experience of peace and wonder.

Remember: Choosing activities aligned with personal interests is crucial for experiencing the full immersion of flow. When you engage in what genuinely captivates you, time seems to vanish as you become deeply absorbed in the joy of the experience. 

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Cultivating a Growth Mindset: Unleash the Time Warp of Possibilities!

Cultivating a growth mindset is like discovering the secret to unlocking a time warp where challenges become thrilling quests and learning becomes a joyous journey. We shall now take a look at how this mindset can make time zoom by and learn engaging strategies to develop your growth mindset superpowers.

Strategies for Embracing the Growth Mindset: Unleashing Your Inner Time Traveler

Embracing a growth mindset is like unlocking your inner time traveler, propelling you forward on a journey of boundless possibilities. Let's explore practical strategies to adopt this mindset and understand how it affects your perception of time.

Flip Failure Like a Pro

Take failure as a stepping stone to success. When you encounter setbacks, view them as valuable lessons rather than roadblocks. This shift in perspective empowers you to bounce back with resilience and continue your quest for growth.

The Quest for Learning

Become an intrepid explorer in the vast landscape of knowledge. Seek out challenges that stretch your abilities and ignite your curiosity. By actively pursuing new learning experiences, you keep time on your side as you immerse yourself in the joy of discovery.

Goal-Getter Extravaganza 

Set audacious goals that inspire and excite you. Break them down into manageable steps and celebrate each milestone achieved. This goal-oriented approach keeps time moving swiftly as you progress confidently toward your aspirations.

"I Can't...Yet!"

Embrace the transformative power of "yet." Replace self-limiting beliefs with a growth mindset that acknowledges your potential for continuous improvement. As you conquer new skills and challenges, you'll witness how time bends in the face of your relentless determination.

Revolutionize Your Self-Talk

Sprinkle empowering affirmations like stardust in your mind. Banish self-doubt and replace it with positivity and belief in your abilities. As you cultivate a supportive inner dialogue, time becomes your ally, fueling your motivation and resilience.

The Growth Squad 

Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who share your passion for growth. Form a network of support and inspiration where you can learn from one another and celebrate achievements together. Time will fly as you uplift each other on this transformative journey.

The Power of Time Tracking for Mindful Living

As the saying goes, "time flies," and it's easy to lose track of how we spend our days. However, incorporating time tracking into our daily routines can work wonders for fostering mindfulness and optimizing our lives for better productivity.

When we see how we allocate our time, we can identify patterns, understand peak productivity periods, and adjust our schedules accordingly. By aligning our most demanding tasks with our most productive times, we can accomplish more in less time.

Making Time Go Faster with timegram

When it comes to effective time tracking, timegram emerges as a valuable ally. This time tracking solution offers several features designed to help individuals make the most of their time and improve their daily lives.

Efficient Time Tracking

timegram's automated time tracking capabilities make it quick and easy to keep track of your entire work day. The seamless experience allows you to focus on your tasks, and time seems to pass faster when you're engrossed in your work without worrying about manual time tracking.

Time Optimization

As timegram helps you identify patterns in your daily routines, you can optimize your schedule to eliminate time-wasting activities. By making deliberate choices about how you spend your time, you can make each moment count, making the perception of time go faster.

Achieving Goals Faster

With timegram's goal-setting and performance tracking features, you can work towards your objectives more efficiently. As you see yourself making tangible progress, the satisfaction of achievement makes time feel like it's flying by.

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While we can't physically make time go faster, we have the power to optimize our perception of time and make the most of every moment. By incorporating time tracking with timegram into our lives, we can cultivate mindfulness, set clear goals, and become more productive. Engaging in fulfilling activities, staying focused, and being present can create the illusion that time is passing more quickly. 

Remember, time is a precious resource, and it's up to us to use it wisely. So, take action today and implement our tips on how to make time go faster, with timegram as your faithful time tracking companion. 

Ready to boost your productivity and make time go faster? Head to timegram to sign up and start using it for free. Take the first step towards achieving your goals with better time management. Your future self will thank you for taking control of your time!


Is it possible to speed up time?

While we can't control time itself, engaging in enjoyable activities and being productive can create the illusion that time is flying by. That said, timegram can't manipulate time itself, but its productivity-boosting features help you manage your time better, making each moment count.

How can I pass 2 years fast?

Time flies when you're having fun and staying busy. Set exciting goals, stay engaged, and make the most of each day to make those 2 years feel shorter.

Why is time so slow?

Time seems slow when we're eagerly waiting for something. Patience may be a virtue, but keeping busy can help time pass more quickly.

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