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Top Time Tracking Tools for Small Businesses

April 3, 2024

Hey, you!

Yes, you!

Hi there, small business owner!

Have you been feeling like all your time is spent locked in an epic battle against procrastination and delays? 

Are you constantly juggling tasks, chasing deadlines, and wishing for just a few more hours in the day? 

Fear not, brave entrepreneur! Just like every superhero needs a trusty sidekick, every small business needs a time-tracking tool.

Choose the right time tracking tool, and you’ll have won half the battle against your adversary–let’s call the villain Clock King.

It’s why this blog post assembles a league of extraordinary time trackers. Each comes with unique superpowers perfectly suited to SMBs. So, whether you're a remote team of digital nomads or a brick-and-mortar crew tackling mountains of paperwork, we've got the perfect supe tool for you. 

That said, not every tool is ideal for every small business. For instance, Captain Connect–timegram–is great if you want seamless time tracking. However, if you’re looking for something to help you keep an eagle eye on your employees *cough* intrusive *cough*, then you may want to look at Apploye aka the Task Titan. 

So, grab your cape (or metaphorical equivalent) to discover how these time-tracking tools can transform your business into a productivity powerhouse. Let's vanquish the Clock King together and unlock the true potential of your precious time!


  • Drowning in tasks and deadlines? Time tracking tools for small businesses can be your productivity superpower!
  • Explore top options to unearth the perfect hero to fight your time-wasting villains.
  • Take control and boost your business!

What to Look for in Time-Tracking Tools for Small Businesses?

Why should you look into exclusive time tracking tools for small businesses? It’s just time tracking, right? Wrong! 

Let’s check out the disadvantages of using a tool that’s a mismatch for the size of your company:

  • Frustration with a cluttered interface and unnecessary features.
  • Wasted time learning and managing a complex system.
  • Higher costs compared to tools designed for small businesses.
  • Information overload and difficulty extracting actionable insights from reports.
  • Difficulty maintaining a system that requires significant technical expertise.

So, now you know that not only does every small business need a superhero to combat wasted time and boost productivity. But also that these champions of efficiency need to possess the best-for-your-company traits.

Here’s what you should be looking for in a time tracker:

Essential Heroic Traits

  • Easy to set up and use, this hero ensures a smooth onboarding process for you and your team. No Kryptonite of complexity here!
  • With manual and automatic tracking options, this hero ensures every minute spent is meticulously recorded. No villainous timesheets can escape their gaze!
  • Armed with insightful reports, this hero empowers you to analyze project, client, and task times. No performance fog for you!
  • Track time on-the-go, whether you're conquering deadlines in a coffee shop or battling inefficiency in the field. Distance is no match for this hero!

Bonus Power-Ups

But that’s just the tip. Let’s delve deeper and see what else your time tracking superhero should be capable of:

  • Managing projects, assigning tasks, and tracking progress to keep your workflow running smoother than a well-oiled machine.
  • Seamless billing becomes a reality with integrations and invoice tracking.Your hero should streamline your finances and vanquish late payments.
  • Tracking team performance, setting schedules, and managing permissions – a hero ensures everyone's on the same productive page. No team chaos under their watch!
  • Even internet outages shouldn’t stop a hero! Tracking time offline with data syncing later will keep you from worrying about losing valuable data!
  • A hero should unite your time-tracking efforts with other tools like Slack or project management software. What you need is a true champion of collaboration!

SMB-Specific Qualities

As a startup or scale-up, you’ll need a tool that also possesses the following qualities:

  • Comes with free plans or affordable options that scale with your needs. No need to break the bank!
  • Prioritizes user-friendly interfaces for a smooth onboarding process. No time wasted on complex interfaces here!
  • Provides secure data storage and access controls. Your business information needs to remain safe and sound!

Meet Your Heroes

So, now you know what you need. Next, we’ll show you what’s available so you can take your pick:

1. timegram aka Captain Connect

One of the best time tracking software for small businesses. Sure, we’re a bit biased but hear us out. Since timegram integrates seamlessly with your communication platforms and fosters collaboration, there’s no way you can go wrong with it.

timegram’s comprehensive toolkit empowers both remote and in-office teams. This can be a caveat for many other time tracking tools. 

Next up, automatic time tracking acts as your silent guardian, meticulously recording work hours alongside manual entries for ultimate accuracy. And when we say silent, we mean it. timegram doesn’t interrupt work and tracks from the background. 

Moreover, it removes the need for micromanagement! Employees can pull up their daily timesheets and choose which hours to show. Managers, on the other hand, can use it to check up on teams’ work health, streamline workflows, and delegate tasks. 

It also generates in-depth reports that make data-driven decisions possible. Optimize your remote workforce management with this software and focus on what truly matters: achieving your business goals!


• Automatic time tracking

• Simple, intuitive UI

• Improved productivity

• Seamless project management 

• Actionable performance insights


• Limited integrations


• Free plan

• Paid plans start at $8

2. Toggl Track aka The Efficiency Ensign

A simple interface and free plan make Toggl track a reliable and accessible time-tracking sidekick.

Best Features

Toggl Track boasts accessibility across various devices and platforms. Whether you're working on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can easily track your time on the go, regardless of your location or device preference.

It also provides insightful and customizable reports that visually represent your recorded data. These reports can reveal trends, identify areas for improvement, and inform better decision-making about project allocation and team productivity.

Finally, you can create custom project tags, and categorize tasks on Toggl Track. This flexibility allows you to streamline your workflow and maximize the platform's value for your team.


• Easy to Learn & Use

• Free Plan Available

• Basic Time Tracking


• Limited Reporting

• No Advanced Features

• Not for Complex Projects


• Free plan

• Paid plans start at $8

3. Harvest aka The Invoice Iron Man

Streamline invoice and project management with Harvest–a multitasking marvel for finances and workflow.

Best Features

Harvest integrates time tracking with project management features. You can easily assign tasks to team members, track individual and team progress, and visualize project timelines. This centralized platform streamlines project workflows and fosters efficient collaboration within teams.

It simplifies the billing process by transforming your tracked hours into professional invoices. You can customize invoices with your branding and easily send them to clients for online payment. This streamlines your workflow and ensures faster payments.

Harvest also offers a mobile app for uninterrupted time recording and project visibility.


• Combined Workflows

• Best for Client & Project Management

• Easy Invoicing


• Limited Reporting

• Not for Large Teams


• Free plan

• Paid plans from $12

4. Time Doctor aka The Focus Falcon

Time Doctor is a good choice for time tracking for small business if you like monitoring your employees with screenshots.

Best Features

Time Doctor offers  activity monitoring and optional screenshot capture. This allows managers to see which websites and applications employees are using and potentially capture screenshots at regular intervals.  

It can also detect periods of inactivity and send gentle alerts to nudge employees back to focus, reducing unproductive downtime.

Time Doctor’s features like time zone management and offline time tracking accommodate flexible work arrangements. 


• Ensures Focus

• Identifies Bottlenecks

• Improves Accountability

• Comprehensive


• Intrusive Monitoring

• Expensive

• Lacks Advanced Reporting


• Free trial

• Paid plans start at $7

5. ClickTime aka The Collaborative Captain

With ClickTime, you get robust project management and team collaboration features.

Best Features

It also integrates with project budgeting features, enabling you to track time spent against allocated budgets and identify potential cost overruns early on.

You can assign tasks to team members, track their progress in real-time, and visualize project timelines. This promotes transparency and accountability, ensuring everyone is aligned with project goals and deadlines.

ClickTime offers a mobile app, keeping you connected and productive.


• Ideal for Complex Projects

• Strong Collaboration Features

• Offers Budgeting Tools


• Complex Pricing

• Overwhelming

• Limited Free Plan


• Free trial

• Paid plans start at $9

6. Clockify aka The Free Fighter

Forever free plan with core functionalities makes Clockify a budget-friendly time-tracking hero.

Best Features

You can use the desktop timer, browser extension, mobile app, or even manually add time entries. 

Clockify automatically populates timesheets with your tracked hours. These timesheets can then be used to generate reports for valuable insights into project progress, team productivity, and overall time allocation. 

It integrates with various popular project management and communication tools. You can also customize project templates, create billable rates for different projects, and set reminders for deadlines.


• Easy to Use

• Limited Features


• No Advanced Reporting

• Not for Complex Projects/Teams


• Free plan

• Paid plans start at $5.99

7. Apploye aka The Task Titan

Apploye can be the best time tracking software for a small business believing in strong employee monitoring and task management.

Best Features

Apploye provides a centralized platform for managing projects and tracking progress in real-time. You can view project timelines, assign tasks to team members, and monitor individual and team activity.

It offers features like task comments, discussions, and file sharing within a dedicated project workspace. You can also utilize live chat functionality for real-time communication and coordination.

You can generate customizable reports that provide insights into project performance, individual and team productivity, and billable hours.


• Strong Employee Oversight

• For Close Team Management

• Budgeting Tools


• Expensive

• Intrusive 

• Not for Remote Teams


• Free trial

• Paid plans start at $10.99

8. Buddy Punch aka The Attendance Avenger

Ideal for hourly employees, Buddy Punch ensures accurate timekeeping and payroll with clock-in/out tracking.

Best Features

Employees can clock in and out using a mobile app, desktop software, a physical time clock (with web integration), or even by phone.

Buddy Punch offers features, such as geofencing and IP address locking, designed to combat time theft.

It integrates with popular payroll tools, such as QuickBooks and Gusto, and many other apps via Zapier.

Employees can access timesheets, request time off, and view past punches while managers can utilize approval workflows for time cards and leave requests through Buddy Punch.


• Ideal for Hourly Employees

• Simplifies Payroll & Attendance

• Affordable Pricing


• No Project Management 

• Only for Simple Time Tracking 


• Free trial

• Paid plans start at $2

9. Timeular aka The Mindfulness Master

Unique in that it uses a physical device for tracking. Timeular also promotes focus and mindful time tracking, making it a zen warrior for productivity.

Best Features

You can flip over the physical device to start or stop recording time for specific tasks.

It integrates with various platforms for a more holistic view of your work activity and better collaboration via Zapier, like Jira, Asana, Teams, and Slack.

It also offers a free Pomodoro tracker.


• Unique Tracking Approach

• Integrates with Productivity Tools


• Requires Device

• Limited Integrations

• Not for Teams


• Limited free plan

• Paid plans start at $7

10. Timecamp aka The Data Delver

Best Features

You can generate customizable reports for insights into individual and team productivity, project profitability, billable hours, and workload distribution. 

It has project management features like task creation, assignment, and progress tracking. 

Paid plans come with integrated invoicing and expense management features. You can create professional invoices, manage client billing, and track project-related expenses. 


• In-Depth Insights

• Comprehensive

• Streamlines Workflows


• Overwhelming Interface

• Expensive


• Free plan

• Paid plans start at $5.50

TimeCamp’s a comprehensive solution offering detailed tracking and reporting. The insightful data this best time tracking app for small business provides can improve strategic decision-making. 

Pertinent Questions about Time Tracking Tools

Have more questions before you invest in a time tracking tool? That’s fine because we have your answers:

Time Tracking

  1. How can time-tracking apps benefit my small business?

If you pick a tool exclusively designed for time tracking for small businesses, you enjoy ultimate productivity by managing projects, payroll, and budgets effortlessly. All this ensures your small biz stays on top of its game.

  1. Why is time tracking so important for every business?

Time tracking is the secret sauce that boosts productivity and squashes inefficiencies. It can also help you track your non-billables, so you’d know the actual worth of time spent vs. what you’re getting paid for it!

  1. Is time tracking software essential for a startup business?

A good time tracking software is essential for survival of startups. It keeps the teams productive and helps you manage your not considerable resources. In addition, it gives you clear performance insights, allowing you to utilize your time and resources more efficiently. 

  1. What is the benefit of time tracking for a small business?

There are many benefits of using the best time tracker app for small business such as timegram. Productivity? Check. Accuracy? Check. Profitability? Double check.

  1. What do you expect from a time-tracking tool?

What makes a killer time-tracking tool? Think automation, intuitive design, task-based tracking, performance insights and reporting, automated invoicing, and seamless integration—that’s what puts time management on steroids.

  1. Is it worth continuing with a time tracking software?

Stick with time tracking – it's worth the ride. Streamline operations, boost accountability, and watch those profits climb. Not to mention the uninterrupted visibility you will continue to get into your team’s productivity that contributes to growing your business.

  1. What are the benefits of using a time-tracking tool?

The best time tracking apps for small businesses will boost team efficiency and collaborative efforts, offer complete transparency, and stick to the background to minimize work disruption.

  1. What are the time tracking app benefits?

Time tracking apps are the gift that keeps on giving. They will help boost productivity, optimize workflow, and streamline payroll and invoicing. In short, use one and watch your bottom line grow.

Time Tracking & SMBs

  1. What is a good time tracking app to use for a small business?

A good time tracking app to use would be one designed to be simple but powerful. Small businesses adore timegram’s user-friendly interface, robust features, and the free trial offered.

  1. What is the best timekeeping software for small business?

If timegram’s zero micromanagement isn’t your style, you might want to check out QuickBooks’ Tsheets. It offers mobile tracking, GPS, and payroll integration – making small biz operations a breeze.

  1. What is the best time tracking software for a small business?

Looking for employee time tracking software for small business? You may want to try out Hubstaff, TimeCamp, and RescueTime. All these tools help you monitor, analyze, and budget your time.

  1. What are some good time tracking tools for small businesses?

Your time-tracking dream team should include timegram, Harvest, Toggl, and Clockify. These simple, powerful, and oh-so customizable tools have got your back.

Time Tracking & Billing

  1. What are the best tools for tracking time and billing?

Besides timegram, which provides the optimal combination of automated time tracking and billing features, the best tools for billing include FreshBooks, QuickBooks, and Zoho Books. They allow you to integrate time from different apps and convert them into billable invoices, so you can focus on what really matters – getting paid.

Specific Time Tracking Tools 

  1. Did you ever use time tracking software, like WebWork?

Yes, while WebWork can help with task management, invoicing, and reporting, it’s also incredibly invasive. It uses screenshots, screencasts, geolocation, mouse clicks, and keyboard strokes to monitor employees. 

  1. Do you know a time tracking alternative for Paymo?

Paymo, meet your match in timegram, Toggl, Harvest, and Clockify.

Time Tracking & Task Monitoring

  1. What is the best software for small businesses to monitor tasks?

The trifecta of productivity, i.e., performance, accountability, and transparency are crucial in task management software. Try timegram, Asana, Monday.com, and Trello.

Call Tracking 

  1. What is the best call tracking tool for small businesses?

When it comes to call tracking, every call counts! Use CallRail, 800.com, WhatConverts, or CallTrackingMetrics to record, analyze, and integrate your phone chatter and turn it into gold.

Time Tracking Based on Job Type

  1. What are the benefits of tracking time for an accountant?

Accountants rejoice because timegram’s time tracking means accurate billing, project insights, and workload optimization. Cha-ching!

  1. What are some good time tracking tools for virtual assistants?

Virtual assistants can reach their peak performance and productivity if run in tandem with good time tracking tools like timegram, TimeDoctor, Hubstaff, and DeskTime.

  1. What are the benefits of time tracking for freelancers?

Freelancers rejoice because accurate time tracking means getting paid. Monitor, manage, and maximize your freelance hustle. Get paid for the work you do and the time it takes you to do it. Use timegram to emphasize non-billable attributes that often get ignored, such as project complexity. 

  1. Do freelance developers typically use time-tracking software?

Are you a freelancer looking for developer time tracking tools? Then, meet your new best friends, i.e., timegram, Toggl, Harvest, and Clockify – because tracking hours shouldn't be a headache.

  1. What are some good tools to track time at a startup?

When looking for time tracking tools for small businesses, start by listing options that are intuitive and budget-friendly but can also be tailored to your ever-evolving needs. Some examples include Toggl, Harvest, and Clockify.

  1. What are some efficient time tracking apps for entrepreneurs?

One of the most efficient and best time tracking for small businesses, timegram,  can be your time-tracking sidekick. Its non-invasive nature, continuous behind-the-screen time capture, and detailed reports with killer analytics make it so. Because your time is money, literally.

Time Clock Software

  1. What is the best time clock software?

The best-for-you time clock software will depend on your needs. For instance, Connecteam is great for enterprise-level companies. QuickBooks Time is more useful as payroll software. Similarly, if you need a tool that tracks time on task, team, and project level, then timegram is your best bet. 

Timesheet Software

  1. How can timesheet software benefit businesses?

Time tracking spreadsheets and software can help managers monitor the efficiency of their teams–both individually and as a whole. If you use timegram, for instance, you’ll be able to see which team members are overworked, risk burning out, underworked, and so on.

Best Apps for SMBs

  1. What are the 5 best apps for a small business in 2024?

The 5 best apps for a small business would be:

  • Microsoft 365 for office software
  • RingCentral MVP for business phone system
  • FreshBooks for accounting
  • Avast Business Antivirus
  • timegram for accurate and transparent time tracking

Employee Tracking

  1. Why should I use an employee tracking app for my business?

You should use one of the top productivity trackers, like timegram, to monitor, track, and optimize your employee’s workflows.

  1. What is the solution for employee time tracking?

While there are multiple time tracking solutions out there, timegram stands out as an ideal employee time tracking solution. That’s because it provides you a solution that automatically tracks every hour and helps match time spent on work to the tasks assigned directly.

  1. How to manage paid time off in a small business?

PTO management is made easy with tools like Zenefits, Gusto, and BambooHR – your HR superheroes.

  1. How can a small business owner keep track of vacation time?

Small business owners, make time off simple with Gusto, Zenefits, and BambooHR – your vacation tracking saviors.


From boosting productivity so you can focus on revenue-generating tasks to removing bottlenecks that cramp streamlined workflows, time tracking is crucial for the survival of businesses of all sizes and stages. 

That said, it’s best to remember there's no one-size-fits-all approach. Experiment with different time tracking tools for small businesses and techniques to find what works best for your individual and team needs. Consider factors like team size, workflow complexity, and budget when making your choice. 

And when you’re ready to take control of your time and unlock your small business’s potential? Give timegram a try!

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